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OxyGeneo Facial

How it works? OxyGeneo Technology is an innovative skin renewing treatment that delivers 3 essential treatments simultaneously. EXFOLIATE of the outer layer of the skin. INFUSION of essential revitalizing nutrients. OXYGENATION of the skin generated from within. This exclusive combination improves skin tone, evens texture and nourishes the complexion-giving you a balanced healthy glow. For long term results try a treatment series.

    OxyGeneo Hydrate Facial

    The Blue Spirulina facial for dry and dehydrated skin. This facial rehydrates & moisturizes dry skin, repairs the skin barrier function, & reduces redness and inflammation.

    • $179

    OxyGeneo Glam Facial

    The PURE GOLD Facial. The Perfect facial for sagging skin. It restores firmness & elasticity, revitalizes dull skin, and enriches the skin with moisture.

    • $179

    OxyGeneno Illuminate

    The Vitamin C facial for uneven tones & signs of pigmentation. This facial brightens & evens skin tone, reduces signs of pigmentation, & protects from sun damage.

    • $179

    OxyGeneo Revive Facial

    The Red Algae facial for wrinkle reduction. This facial reduces fine lines & wrinkles, increases firmness & elasticity and helps to prevent premature skin aging.

    • $179

    OxyGeneo Detox Facial

    The Green Tea facial for sensitive skin. This facial removes toxins & impurities from the skin, reduces redness & irritation, & helps to prevent premature skin aging.

    • $179

    OxyGeneo Retouch Facial

    The perfect facial for skin resurfacing. A combination of AHA + BHA + PHA reduces residual acne spots, smooths scars & uneven texture & improves signs of hyperpigmentation.

    • $179

    OxyGeneo Balance Facial

    The activated charcoal facial for oily and acne-prone skin. This facial mattifies oily skin, purifies clogged pores, & clears toxins & bacteria.

    • $179

    OxyGeneo Body Facial

    The Oxygeneo is not just for the face! Experience the amazing benefits of Oxygeneo on any area of the body. Exfoliate, oxygenate & nourish the skin almost anywhere! Target areas include: back, armpits, décolleté, legs & butt.

    • $179

    Express Oxygeneo

    The Express Oxygeneo is the perfect facial if you're looking for a quick skin fix on your lunch break. This facial delivers amazing results and zero down time all in 30 minutes. Exfoliate, oxygenate, nourish and head back to work with glowing, younger skin.

    • $142

    MG Signature Oxygeneo with Custom Facial

    The MG Signature Oxygeneo with a custom facial is the ultimate facial experience! Start by Exfoliating, Oxygenating & Nourishing the skin with one of the five unique Oxygeneo facial treatments & then finish this luxury facial off with a custom Pevonia facial suited to your skin needs.

    • $219

    TriPollar Skin Tightening

    TriPollar technology delivers focussed energy to the skin surface and tissue layers stimulating natural collagen regeneration for incredible results. Skin tightening, wrinkle reduction & face sculpting.

    • Eye Lift Treatment $100
    • Lip Rejuvenation Treatment $79
    • Jawline Treatment $79
    • Full Face Sculpting Treatment$150
    • Neck and Decollete$150
    • Full Face, Neck & Decollete$300

    Combined Treatments

    For ultimate results with every treatment you can combine any of the TriPollar treatments with any OxyGeneo facial! Your Certified Skin Therapist will customize your needs and the cost of your personalized treatments.

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